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Ravi Somani

Ravi Somani , Ravi Somani Delhi ,COINS & NOTES COLLECTION

Ravi Somani's Bio:

Ravi Somani, is a businessman settled in Delhi, during childhood he was fascinated by Coins, Currency Notes, Colourful Stamps and Autographs of noted personalities and he used to collect these items without any particular theme, just for pleasure of having various rare items in his possession but as the years passed this casual hobby developed in to serious collection and investment. Ravi Somani then joined Delhi Coin Society to understand more about such collection and value of such items. As he developed knowledge and more information, Ravi Somani increased his collection in a scientific way. Now Ravi Somani is well known Numismatic in the collectors circle in India.

Ravi Somani's Experience:

Ravi Somani's Interests & Activities:

Coin collecting as a hobby, A hobby is a person’s passion – something which has no utility strings attached to it. There are several hobbies and coin-collecting hobby is one of them. It is also called NUMISMATICS. The hobby can be developed to a serious nature requiring lots of time and energy and it has many branches to it.

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